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Tax Type Due Date
Filling ABST One Month after Collections (Ex. January collection is due on the following month end)
Unicorporated Business Tax (UBT) Registration 31st January every year
Unicorporated Business Tax (UBT) Quarterly Installation 15th by quarterly Months ( April, July, Oct, Jan)
Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT) Annual 31st March (every year)
Corporate Body Annual 3 Months after taxpayer Fiscal Year
Insurance Levy Monthly
Banking Licence Annual
Travel Tax 15th of the following month
Professional Licence Annual
Property Tax 90 days after generated date of the bill is printed ( if the bill is printed at the end of January the bill is due 30 April)
Telecommunication Tax End of the following month
Advanced Tax End of each month
Withholing Tax Monthly


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